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1 Open the Door

2 Unmask your Emotions

3 Flowin' with the Vibe

4 Windows of Opportunity

5 Zip It

6 Seagull Stealin' all my Fish and Chips

7 Bike Fire Beats

8 Raven Crew

9 Chainsaw (It's Going Down)

10 Pretty Fly (On the Wall)

11 Rave Bar

12 G4S0L1N3

13 Climb It Crisis

14 Boris is a Raver

15 Face your Demons

16 Too Furious

17 Who Got the Keys to my Strimmer?

18 Why am I so Frustrated?

Venjent - Open the Door (Official Music Video)
Venjent - Unmask Your Emotions (Official Music Video)
Venjent - Flowin' with the Vibe (Official Music Video)
Venjent - Zip It (Official Music Video)
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